There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under the heavens.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Outreach Ministry

We’ve loved serving the children and the youth in our reach

Skateboarding ​Movement El Paso

Skateboarding is a neglected game; in terms of coordination and support. Yet most of our children and youth are drawn to it. Remember also the most times skating is done outdoors in parks, this exposes our children to strangers of different age groups.

Many people believe this is an individual sport, but it is not, because the youth spend hours mentoring others to be better at skateboarding. We have observed them teaching others to be better at it again and again, never giving up! We trust they also making friendships during the process.

Puppet Shows

Meet our team. They have told me to tell you that they love you.

Moses, George, Rosco, Ricky and Sgt. White have told me to tell you that you will meet them on the next page.  

Anyway, we realize that children need different module of communication appealing to them to understand bible stories and other social topics. Moses tells the bible story of Exodus. For social topics we do skits on anti-bullying, consequences of lying, the importance of respecting others, say-no-to-drugs, forgiveness and so on.

Up Coming Events

Christian Movie Show

30 seats available first come first Serve


2 PM - Church Premises

God Where Are You? 


2 PM - Church Premises

Revelation Road 2 

Door to Door Evangelism

Programe under construction

Programe under construction

Come One Come All!

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