that the Lord called Samuel. And he answered, “Here I am!”.

1 Samuel 3:4 NKJV

Welcome to God's Got Good News; where we have no excuse to minister love of God to others

This Ministry was started by Pastor Dale Corey as a puppet ministry sharing the love of Jesus Christ to children. "It was very simple!" He says "I just brought the good news to the children using the model appealing to them and that is; the puppets." He also served as a youth Pastor at a local church for five years. Until he found his wife Maria, and God called them to a new level. That is founding a church. We have began humbly by converting our garage into the sanctuary. Pastor Dale Corey together with his wife, Maria and son, Isaiah (who is only 15 year) run the day to day services and operations of the ministry.

Our History

Both Pastor Corey and his wife, Maria have always been passionate about serving others. They have both heard the voice of God and are in obedience. Pastor Corey has 30 years of Military Service (US Army), specialized in Military Police Investigations and Career Counselling. He is convinced it was about time for God to use his experience of protecting others physically to helping others grow spiritually for eternal life. On contrary Maria has got over five years of Administrative Management and Reporting for Non-profit Organisations. She says she has always felt satisfaction working for causes of helping others. Maria says "it just feels right to serve God."

We are a work in progress! GGGN Ministry started as a God’s Got Good News Puppet Ministry in 2010 by the then Puppeteer, now Pastor Dale Corey. He used to host Christian puppet shows to young people in churches, schools and parks only. It was during then he saw a great need of young people wanting to hear more about the bible stories. In 2013, God called him to be a youth pastor and was ordained by American Fellowship Church, Austin Texas.

In 2016, GGGN Ministry received Texas Certificate of Formation as Domestic Nonprofit Corporation. 

Meet Our Board of Directors

Pastor Dale Corey

Founding Pastor of God's Got Good News Ministry

President and CEO to the Board

Bachelors Degree of Science Information Technology

Certified Christian Life Couch

Certified Professional Life Couch

Maria Nannjuuki Corey

Executive to the President and CFO to the Board

God's Got Good News Ministry

Bachelors Degree in Secretarial Administration 

Cindy Corey

Director of Administration

God's Got Good News Ministry

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Reaching out to people with Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. In today’s hurting world we are committed to encourage people that God loves them the way they are.

He says “Come to Me, all ​who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28 ESV

Our Vision

To see to it that people are aware of unconditional love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the importance of salvation.

All they have to do is to come to Him.